Entries into each section on this wiki will be structured so that this basic information is available. We will include the TITLE of the application, with a link to the broad description and rating on iTunes. The ICON is simply a screen shot of what will show up on the device. WHO describes the student you have used this particular app with. WHERE indicates whether the app was used at home, school, or in therapy. HOW describes the manner in which you used it. This is also the place to elaborate on other ideas for application. WHY/WHY NOT provides the contributer an opportunity to indicate the value of the app, whether they would use it again, and rationale for the opinion. We invite anyone else who has used the app to comment on anything about it... different whos, hows and whys....


ecards icon.jpg
American Greetings ecards
What: This very user-friendly fun app includes wonderful videos and personalized cards for all occasions. Features include:
• An ever-changing set of cards
• Very clever videos
• Add-a-photo cards
• Place to add a note and your name

Why: This app is highly motivating for getting students to:
• Add a note to a friend
• Sign names for an authentic purpose
• Vote by letter for their favorite video, then send a card using that video

Who: I have used this app with students who use AAC and those who are emergent writers.

How: This app is pretty intuitive. Just:
a) Pick the card
b) Add your note / name
c) Send via e-mail or Facebook

NOTE: You MUST be connected to the internet to watch the wonderful videos!

ecards Halloween.jpg

Submitted by: Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite
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Pic Collage icon.jpg
Pic Collage
What: This very user-friendly app is a GREAT way to support students in quickly adding captions to photos. Features include multiple:
• backgrounds
• frames
• fonts
• text colors
• photos from camera roll, web, or camera
• videos from YouTube

Why: This very user-friendly app is a GREAT way to support students in writing and creating visual text.. It is a fun way to quickly create a card.

Who: I have used this with early conventional and emergent writers, including students who use AAC.

How: Students can use AAC to add words / sentences or the alphabet to scribble. This app is pretty intuitive. Just:
a) Add one or more photos
b) Choose a frame
c) Add text, quickly changing font, background, and color
d) Pinch & rotate to move and re-size text
e) Add stickers
f) Save or share (via e-mail, tweet, or Facebook)

Tip: For more information, see these posts:
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Submitted by: Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite
Additional Ideas:
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