Cases and Screen Protectors

Entries into each section on this wiki will be structured so that this basic information is available. We will include the TITLE of the application, with a link to the broad description and rating on iTunes. The ICON is simply a screen shot of what will show up on the device. WHO describes the student you have used this particular app with. WHERE indicates whether the app was used at home, school, or in therapy. HOW describes the manner in which you used it. This is also the place to elaborate on other ideas for application. WHY/WHY NOT provides the contributer an opportunity to indicate the value of the app, whether they would use it again, and rationale for the opinion. We invite anyone else who has used the app to comment on anything about it... different whos, hows and whys....

Gumdrop Case
This case resembles a tire, and comes in multiple colors. It can be purchased from a variety of sources, including Boundless AT, Amazon and Gumdropcases. It comes with a poly-carbonate screen protector, which will tolerate some pressure on the screen. It also will tolerate some "torqueing" and rough handling. It comes in a military edition, as well.

Submitted by: Laurel Buell, MAEdOTR/L
Additional ideas/comments from others:
Great case for kids that are somewhat rough on their iPad.
Life Proof Case
This case is waterproof for at least 30 minutes (fully submerged). It is great when you have clients that problems managing saliva. Refer to the Lifeproof website for more information.