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b) Hold it vertically / horizontally
c) Protect it if dropped (even on the corners!)
I had a teacher tell me with tears in her eyes, 'Wow, now I can let Alex (not real name) use the iPad solo! He SO wants to, but he drops everything, and we just can't get it replaced if it breaks!'

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($34.99 for the Mini)
Gumdrop Case
What: Gumdrop Case. A very rugged iPad (and iPad Mini) case.
Why we like it:
1. The Polycarbinate screen protector absorbs blows.
2. Spill resistent. Ours sat in liquid overnight and was okay.
3. it is drop resistant.
Who: We've used it with multiple children and have had great feedback. We also use it on our iPads and it works great!

Submitted by: Laurel Buell & Anthon McLaws (8/6/2013)
Addition Comments From Others:
Cons: It makes the iPad much heavier, and this is important for some children. It also can't be used with a suction-type mount on the back.
$29.95 to $59.95
big grips.jpg
Big Grips
Big Grips case and stand.

Thick foam around the case of the ipad. The frame protect the screne from touching surfaces if the iPad is screen side down.

The stand will let you use it horizontally or vertically.

I have used this with a number of toddlers and parents always rave about how much they like this style of case for their young children.

Submitted by: Jennifer Chapman Simms (8-8-2013)
Cons: There is no protection for the screen from wet fingers or drool.

Frame and Stand Set - $49.95, Frame only - $34.95, Stand only - $24.95


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Here's info from AMDI website: Rubberized corners and handle to help protect your iPad from damage. A small slide cover on the front of the housing will hide the home button from roaming fingers that will close running applications. The iAdapterTM is also an amplifier with dual speakers that will deliver clean crisp sound that can be heard in the noisiest of settings. It comes with a clear screen protector, charging adapter and USB cable, rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery for the amplifier, shoulder strap for portability and a plastic stand for table top use.

Here's the iPad Mini case:
iAdapter Case from AMDI
A Note to the 1st generation iAdpater Case Users: There were a couple of problems with the first generation cases that have been addressed and corrected. If a user forgot to charge the case the night before, there would be no sound at all. The new generation cases have a bypass switch so if there is no charge, you can still get sound from the iPad. The 1st generation cases also had a VERY tight space to plug the jack into. It was so tight that the speaker would short out. The new generation cases have more space for the jack.
Here's what we like about this case: It has a handle (case for iPad Mini, the handle is a removable strap--see photo). The stand and speaker are not separate components and for many that is a plus. It mounts nicely to the REHAdapt mount. It's pretty tough. You can order skins in different colors and patterns, which a lot of kids like.
Here's what we wish were different: It's pretty large (this can be a pro or con). It's not easy to get the actual iPad in and out. Once it's in, it stays in. There are 9 little screws that attach the front to the back. If you need to take the iPad in and out a lot, this is challenging (and if you loose the screws, it costs $16 to replace). The screen protector is an LCD screen guard. It protects from scratches but it's not water/moisture proof.

Submitted by: Laurel Buell and
Anthon McLaws (OTs)
We like this case for many of children we work with.
Lots of price variations.The basic iPad case costs $265.

iPad Mini Case is $198.

AMDI also sells bundles. Check them out here.

external image apl2-ipad2-d9.jpg
Standard ruggedized cases are cheaper than those provided by vendors of AAC devices, but do not come with amplifiers and speakers. You may have seen discussions and recommendations of the OtterBox cases on other sites. We purchased one and are happy with how ruggedized it is. The latest version is the IPAD 2 DEFENDER SERIES CASE

RJCooper reviewed the OtterBox and suggests that you may prefer his solutions.
"I purchased and compared all the 'armored' cases I could find. The Incipio Destroyer was my winner. I adapt it so that it functions wonderfully as the ultimate iPad Carry Case, with shoulder strap, and Bumper Case" Check out the photos and videos at his site: Rj's Ultimate iPad Case
He also sells a few different mounting solutions: Mounts for Tablet and iPad and a cordless speaker option