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Faces iMake Lite

I used this application on my iPhone with a middle school multi-handicapped classroom as we were talking about different body parts and feelings. We looked at the pictures on the Flickr Faces I Make Gallery using the SmartBoard. (The iPhone was not connected to the computer.) Then individual students used words, symbols, or a communication device to tell me how to make unique facial creations. The manipulation of the items on the screen was a little challenging, so it worked better for students to tell me how to move the items. The program is also available for the iPad, and that may be easier for some students. It involves mostly clicking and dragging. We started with just the food library. I like how the banana can be rotated to be happy or sad. Next time this activity can be extended to include toys, tools, school items, buttons and even letters (rotating the "C" or "D" can also make a happy or sad face).

FacesIMake.jpgRayna's fruit face.
Submitted by: Deanna K. Wagner
Additional ideas/comments from others:
I really enjoyed this app and can use it again and again. It was definitely worth the price. I wish that I could resize the items, so I may upgrade to the Premium version for $1.99.