Entries into each section on this wiki will be structured so that this basic information is available. We will include the TITLE of the application, with a link to the broad description and rating on iTunes. The ICON is simply a screen shot of what will show up on the device. WHO describes the student you have used this particular app with. WHERE indicates whether the app was used at home, school, or in therapy. HOW describes the manner in which you used it. This is also the place to elaborate on other ideas for application. WHY/WHY NOT provides the contributer an opportunity to indicate the value of the app, whether they would use it again, and rationale for the opinion. We invite anyone else who has used the app to comment on anything about it... different whos, hows and whys....


watchknow icon.jpg
What: This is the companion app to the website, which provides instructional videos for students ages 3 – 18. The website includes more than 20,000 kid-safe videos in 3000 categories. Videos are typically 3 – 5 minutes.

Why: These videos provide excellent background-knowledge to support content learning and reading comprehension. The apps can also be great conversation starters. For example, I can watch a short video with a student, then have them use their communication devices to ask WH-Questions.

Who: This app is great for individuals or small groups.

Where: I’ve used this app in small group activities, and individual sessions, at school and at home.

How: You must be online to use this app. You can search for educational videos using the app. However, I often find the target video using my computer (easier to type and navigate), then open that video on the iPad via the app.

Submitted by: Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite
Additional Ideas:
Excellent value!
watchknow app sample.jpg
tools4students icon.jpg

What: Tools4Students is a highly flexible app for supporting reading and writing. It presents 20+ graphic organizers for:
• Predictions
• Characters
• Compare / Contrast
• Word meanings, etc
Can e-mail results or save. Templates may be used over and over

Who: This appwellthrough high school, helping students organize their thoughts. For this summary, we’ll focus on comprehension.

Where: I’ve used this in several settings, mostly groups at school; however, it’s also ideal as a home activity.

How: For comprehension, choose a template such as:
a) KWHL (what reader knows, wants to know, learned, and still wants to learn)
b) Drawing Conclusions
c) Making Predictions (see sample below)
predict Tools4Students.jpg

Note: I love how clicking on a box causes that box to expand, so it's easy to insert and read the text.
Great value for the cost!!
$ .99
glitter draw

I have used this app in many classrooms. When I go into the classroom to work with a child I need to see, I hold up the iPad using this app with a child's name spelled out on it. I say "I am looking for ..................." If the child does not recognize his/her name, another classmate will, reinforcing the text to the meaning. The text is glowing and very motivating. Students now wait for me to see who is going to be worked with next by looking at the name on the iPad.

Submitted by: Patty Ashby
Additional ideas/from others:

Another good app for this same purpose in Name Selector (see TurnTaking)

Caroline Musselwhite
This app was free, so definitely worth using!
sidebyside icon.png
This app allows you to place two web pages next to each other (above or below) and to copy text from a webpage into notes. I used this with a student at the Adult Day Program to duplicate an activity we did on the SmartBoard in the Middle School (self-contained MH classroom) the day before. We read a book with the word "good" repeated on every page in, then made a list of other words that could be used to replace it. We wrote new versions of the book.

At the Day Program, Sarah compared two versions of the same book and practiced finding the various words in her communication device.

Submitted by: Deanna K. Wagner
Additional ideas/from others:
The text in notes is small, but placing two websites side by side works great. I would recommended it when working with one or two students rather than a large group. The notes and images are linked to your dropbox. If you don't know about dropbox, be sure to check it out: