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MakeChange - Money counting math game for iPad
MakeChange - Money counting math game for iPad

Who: It was used with students with the diagnosis of intellectual disability, CP, some students had limited motor movements.
Where: We used this app during 1:1 therapy sessions with students in Elementary School and Jr High.
How: The app begins with a quarter, nickel, dime, and penny (and miniature $1 bills) at the top of the screen and a set amount of needed change at the bottom. The goal is to drag the correct amount of change down the screen to the bottom area. This app offers a variety of different backgrounds to choose from. If adding coins was too difficulty, we would use it more as a coin recognition game and have the student point to the called-out coin and have them drag it down to the bottom.This app also has great auditory cues when dropping the change into the bottom area; whenever the coin is tapped, it flips over. We were able to work on a couple of IEP goals: visual attention, coin/money recognition, and fine motor skills. We like the fact that the 4 coins are actual size and look very realistic.

Submitted by: Anthon McLaws (OT) and Shelly Schmachtenberger (OTS)
Additional ideas/comments from others:
Worth it! This inexpensive app can be used for multiple purposes. It is good for students who experience difficulty with counting or recognizing money and any that need to work on swiping/fine-motor skills.