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sago mini doodle.jpg
Sago Mini Doodlecast
I have used this app with children with Autism. I have used it in my classroom. I have used this app for a variety of purposes:
- directed drawing - I would draw something on the SMARTBoard and my students would copy the steps with the app. Beware the app records all sounds that occur in the environment, so you could hear all the steps as I drew it.
- free drawing - I would let my students select an background and let them draw a picture. One student loves that Jinga (the cat) sits and watches the movie when he is watching his movie.
- explaining how to - I have my students talk about what they are doing as they do it (running commentary).

There are 36 different backgrounds that you can use to provide a background for your story, and it includes a blank one.
You can save the movie you created to your camera roll to share with family and friends.

Submitted by: Alison Rumball
Additional ideas/comments from others:
The app is worth the cost if your child/student likes to watch videos of what they drew.