Thanks for indicating an interest in joining our wiki. Please e-mail us at to let us know how you wish to participate. Sometimes a wiki user name is not enough for us to recognize you, even though you may be someone we already know.

Here are three ways that you can participate:

Create a wikispaces account. Once you are a wikispaces member, you can view all reviews and post to discussions. Please feel free to post to the discussion tabs on any of the pages and we will be notified by wikispaces when you post.

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SpedApps2 Reviewer Members can post reviews, and these must be reviews of apps that have actually been used by us as trained therapists/teachers/family members with special ed students. To become a reviewer member of the wiki so that you can post your own reviews, you must

a) click Join on the top toolbar of this wiki
b) send a review of an app that you like (or dislike) to so you can answer any questions we have about you before before posting.

Please include the following in your review:
1. TITLE of the application
2. WHO – the type/age of student(s) you have used this particular app with.
3. WHERE – was the app used at home, school, or in therapy.
4. HOW - the manner in which you used it. This is also the place to elaborate on other ideas for application.
5. WHY/WHY NOT - indicates the value of the app, whether they would use it again, and rationale for the opinion. We invite anyone else who has used the app to add more ideas on anything about it... different whos, hows and whys....

Once you are accepted, be sure to post your reviews in as many categories as they apply. Include at least one screenshot (on the left) and the link to iTunes in the second column. Include your name at the bottom of your submission and invite others to comment.