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Thumb Jam icon.jpg
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Thumb Jam gives you access to a huge list of instruments. It can be used by professional musicians.
You can even change the type of scale (rock and roll to classical). You can tilt and shake to bend notes,
and add tremulo and other effects. It is meant to give you access to playing lots of different instruments
on your iPad. Since the access is by simple small keys on the iPad, even young children (with or without disabilities)
can play with the instrument sounds.
It is good for getting little hands moving, especially for kids who really like music but could not manage
a traditional instrument.I have used it with children age 2-5 with multiple challenges who are not using
their hands functionally. It doesn't give you much visual stimulus so I used it mostly with children with severe CVI
or blindness.
Submitted by: Gayle Wiens, PT
Additional ideas/comments from others:
This is a pricey app
for me. I purchased it
because it gave a lot
of musical access to
children too weak to
play traditional instruments.
I think it would be good for kids
with SMA Type 2 or other
muscular dystrophies. I would have
to think about it if I was just going
to use it with one child. The lack of
visual stimulus limits it's value for
kids with CVI unless they aren't
using their vison at all.