Howard Shane, Jessica Gosnell, David McNaughton, and Sam Sennott discuss the use of mobile communication technologies (e.g., the iPad) by children with complex communication needs at

Check out many videos on youtube. Here is one: Child with Special Needs uses iPad to answer questions

Autism Epicenter’s Youtube Channel ( This site includes some great videos of the iPad in action!

Here is the list of Apps from A-Z with video demos by Apps for Children With Special Needs. You can click on any title to see the review.


AAC App Wheel

This wheel does not include every App available in each category. There are hundreds of AAC Apps and many hundreds of combinations of features. This wheel includes Apps that CALL broadly finds reliable and useful and/ or that stand out in their category. Apps designed with switch access features are noted. App names are ‘clickable’ links, taking you to information about the individual App on the iTunes site for the UK (for US iTunes, just remove the letters gb from the iTunes URL).

Spectronics Blog -- great information about functional use of technology. Check out this post

by external image 16a4dc453ea6a57df217fc374bcb7f25?s=20& Amanda Hartman posted Creation Tools for the iPad

Accessible Technology Coalition has a number of training archives on a variety of topics.

Friendship CIrcle Blog - Technology Page

This blog is a WEALTH of information on a range of issues for people with disabilities. The Technology links and blogs are especially helpful, including many listing of apps for various purposes.

And this link from Friendship Circle links to 10 websites to find special needs apps.
10 websites for Special Needs Apps

SNApps4Kids is a community of parents, therapists and educators sharing their experiences using the iPad, iPod touch, iPhone and Android to help children with special needs.

Check out this blog for free or cheap apps that aren't easily located in the traditional education category, to be used "out of the box" for students with special needs

Posted by Daniel Cooper on the AAC Special Interest Division discussion group, 5/9/12: is a good website for finding all kinds of AAC apps. You can search by type (PECS, set phrases, text to speech etc,) and even though it's a UK site, you can select to show prices in $US. You can search by features and compare apps side by side. It doesn't review the apps critically but I find the apps on, then, if I'm going to buy an app, I have a look on youtube to see if there's any video of the app I'm looking at. There usually is and I get a pretty good idea whether it is worth buying or not.

Posted by Carole Zangari on the AAC Special Interest Division discussion group, 5/11/12:
59 Free or Lite Versions of AAC Apps: . Also, wanted to give a special mention about one of them, SpeakAll, a free AAC app developed at my alma mater, Purdue. :)

PicCutter -- Boardmaker images are protected so they can't be used directly in PicBoard, TalkBoard, or any other app. The free PicCutter tool is provided by Mark Ashley to help you to use Boardmaker images in PicBoard or TalkBoard. This website includes downloads for Mac and PC as well as step-by-step instructions for usig PicCutter. You can follow these instructions to use Boardmaker symbols in any of the apps you use (provided you have a licensed copy of Boardmaker).

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  • Here is an article about iPad in the general classroom:
  • Here is website that makes an effort to track/recommend apps for education.

This handout was shared by Harvey Pressmen, Children's Action Alliance. It is from the PACER Center, updated in February, 2001. It is a thoughtful handout that talks about using iPod and iPad devices in education (with a section on special education) and includes great clips showing apps being used for a variety of applications as well as a gret set of links at the end:



Samuel Sennott posted in iTeach Special Education- iDevices in Special Education

Simple iPad Stand you can make yourself.

I thought you all would appreciate it for making in school or for at home.
external image safe_image.php?d=AQBYMfICly4kZ3Bn&w=130&h=130&
IPAD Stand

iPad as an Interactive White Board for $5 or $10

Published by Wesley Fryer in on March 24th, 2011

If you use the Device Assistant at, you can input the device features you are looking for and the program will give a list of all the devices that match your feature list.

Hillavee's Picks:Apps for Nov-Verbal/ Autistic / Special Ed Students

This listing shares the top picks of Hilary Bruner, AT Specialist from Maine

Tots n Tech Newsletter

  • Lists features that are helpful for use with infants/toddlers
  • Recommended apps
  • Links to other sites with recommendations and reviews

Apps for Ed: Info and Resources

  • How to take screen shots

  • How to restrict access to WIFI on the iPad

  • How to create folders

  • Info regarding using apps on more than one iDevice

  • Info regarding accessibility features

  • Brief descriptions of many apps by categoy

Speech Language Pathology Sharing

Very nice blog on apps for use on an iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Includes update information, and specific applications.

Other links: created by Easter Seals of Greater Houston
Apps for Children with Special Needs reviews and videos
Autism Epicenter with reviews and videos
Spectronics Blog great ideas from Australia
Autism Speaks
Speech therapy for autism blog
Yapp Guru - login for free reviews
App, yum yum! | Apps for Children with Special Needs reviews categorized by Speech & Language, Communication (AAC), and For Professionals
Tools for Life Appfinder from Georgia Tech
  • This database is a unique tool that will allow you to search for apps by disability or multiple disabilities as well as by price ranges and device types. Every app housed in this database has been used and/ or tested by one or more members of the Tools for Life team along with many of our peers from across the country including members of other Assistive Technology (AT) Act Programs, physical, occupational and speech language therapists; AT professionals; people with disabilities and other leaders in the disability community.

apps4stages for apps that address switch skills learning levels

Resources / References

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What To Ask When Evaluating Any Treatment Procedure, Product or Program: Information for Speech-Language Pathologists from ASHA.