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Mini Adventures Let's Go

Mini Adventures ABC - Animals

Mini Adventures Music
What: This app supports letter awareness, but is mostly about vocabulary development for three areas, with 3 separate apps:
Mini-Adventures-Let’s-Go-Learn (124 Transportation Modes)

Mini-Adventures-Animals from A-Z (262 Animals)

Mini-Adventures-Music (125 Musical Instruments)
Each app presents a letter, with examples of words in the category that start with that letter. Each word (e.g., bagpipes) comes with multiple picture examples and multiple videos.

Why: This app offers engaging pictures and videos. The three topics (separate apps) permit teachers or families to choose activities that are of interest to their students.

Who: The photos and videos are well-selected and are age-respectful, so these videos are great for both children and adults. I have used them in small groups and with individuals, in schools and homes.

How: Click a letter to get:
• Multiple options for that letter (ex: B = 18 music instruments, including bagpipes, banjo, and bassoon)
• Clicking on an item (ex: bagpipe) = image + letters for that name (ex: bagpipes b a g p I p e s)
• Tap the screen to get the next image about the same item
• Click the video, then the play button to see a 30 second to 2-minute YouTube video about the item (Note: you must be online to view the videos!) Tip: Be sure to click the small ‘expand’ symbol to make videos full screen!
• Swipe to go randomly to the next item (not necessarily the same alphabet letter)
• Click the button in the upper right corner to get to the full alphabet and explore new items

Using Photos and Videos to Support Alphabet Learning:
The three mini-adventures are GREAT apps to use for supporting students in exploring the alphabet. Students can choose any letter from the alphabet, then go to that letter and pick an item. Students can find letters from:
• Alternative Pencils such as alphabet flip charts
• AlphaBoard
• Qwerty Alphabet (light tech)
• Keyboard on computer or iPad
• Keyboard on AAC device
Note that this app has fantastic customizability! For example, with regard to letters, you can decide whether clicking on a letter:
- takes users to the next word
- plays the letter sound
- does both
- does nothing
If your goal is to work on initial letter sounds, it is best to just play the letter sound, to avoid confusing students.

Submitted by: Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite
Additional Ideas:
Value: I think this app has great value for learning vocabulary about animals, music, or transportation, and excellent value for commenting on videos and as writing prompts, but less value as an alphabet-learning task. It is a great app for exploring letters in an engaging way.
Free to 99¢
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Campfire Songs
What: This app provides lyrics for 200 favorite campfire songs, sorted by Title, Type (Action, Repeat After Me, Silly, etc), and Tune. Some songs have a music note on the side, indicating that they have musical accompaniment.

Who: This app is great for scouts or any group that wants to enjoy group music.

Where: We’ve used this app at a campout for students who use AAC.

How: Just pick a tune, then singalong! Here’s another idea to support literacy skills:
1) Have the student select a letter using:
- Alphabet on communication device
- Alphabet on iPad
- Light tech Alternative Pencil, such as those described by the Center for Literacy and Disability Studies (see link, below):
- https://www.med.unc.edu/ahs/clds/products/available-for-purchase
2) Go to that letter of the alphabet (e.g., D), and pick 2 or 3 songs
3) Have student pick the song they desire (e.g., Do Your Ears Hang Low vs. Donut Shop) using:
- 2-Handed Choicemaking: Adult names a song and holds up one hand, then names 2nd song and holds up 2nd hand
- Partner Assisted Scanning: List 3 songs, then go through each song, one at a time, with student saying yes or no for each song

Submitted by: Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite
Additional Ideas:
This is a fun free app. We were amazed at how many songs our students wanted to sing!
ABC Wildlife
What: This app supports letter awareness, but is mostly about information regarding animals.

Why: This app offers fascinating short animal videos. It also provides interesting factoids about animals.

Who: While the videos would be of interest for a wide age range, the intro is quite babyish, and might offend older students.

How: Click a letter for:
• Image + letters for that name (ex: r a m)
• Click the exclamation point to see a printed factoid about that animal (note: a partner will be needed to read the information)
• Click the play button to see a 1 – 3 minute YouTube video about the animal (Note: you must be online to view the videos!)
• Click the cc button in the lower left corner to get copyright information for the facts, images, videos
• Click the ABC button to get to the full alphabet and learn about new animals

Submitted by: Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite
Additional Ideas:
Value: I think this app has great value for information about animals or writing prompts, but minimal value as an alphabet-learning task.