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Touching/ Counting Patterns Lite - Touch Math Adventures

Touching/ Counting Patterns - Touch math Adventures
I have used this app with students with Autism in my class. For me this is not a stand alone app. Typically, I use it in conjunction with flashcards and manipulatives. I use this app to help my students to generalize the motor patterns in a new environment.

There are two chapters within the app
Chapter 1 is errorless learning. There is a short 'movie' to show how to count to each number and after the 'movie' you then get a chance to practice those skills by touching the dots in the correct order.
Chapter 2 is about placing touch dots in the correct order.

In the Pro Version, there are no in-app purchases (the App Store will tell you there is). All the TouchPoint Packs are included with the app. My students do enjoy choosing what theme they want to use each time.

Submitted by: Alison Rumball
Additional ideas/comments from others:
If you child/student is learning with the Touch Math principles this is a great interactive app to reinforce those concepts and motor planning patterns.
Free - Lite Version

$3.99 - Pro Version
Up to 100 - Lite

Up to 100
I have used this app with students with Autism in my classroom. I bought the wood number manipulatives that go with this app. With the manipulatives, I was able to unlock the lite version of the app for free.

I used this app in a few different ways:
- I would tell my student a number and he would then need to "stamp" that number on the iPad with the manipulatives
- I would get him to tell me a number and then have him 'stamp' it
- I would let him experiment with numbers
- I would get him to read the number word that was on the bottom. My only critique of the app is that the words are in a form of cursive that my students find hard to read.

Submitted by: Alison Rumball
Additional ideas/comments from others:
I know my students do well with manipulatives and they seemed to like this new way of interacting with the iPad. The manipulatives were expensive and needed to be purchased from France.
Free - lite version

$2.99 - full version