Entries into each section on this wiki will be structured so that this basic information is available. We will include the TITLE of the application, with a link to the broad description and rating on iTunes. The ICON is simply a screen shot of what will show up on the device. WHO describes the student you have used this particular app with. WHERE indicates whether the app was used at home, school, or in therapy. HOW describes the manner in which you used it. This is also the place to elaborate on other ideas for application. WHY/WHY NOT provides the contributer an opportunity to indicate the value of the app, whether they would use it again, and rationale for the opinion. We invite anyone else who has used the app to comment on anything about it... different whos, hows and whys....

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Faces iMake Lite
I used this application on my iPhone with a middle school multi-handicapped classroom as we were talking about different body parts and feelings. We looked at the pictures on the Flickr Faces I Make Gallery using the SmartBoard. (The iPhone was not connected to the computer, we were just looking at pictures on-line.) Then individual students used words, symbols, or a communication device to tell me how to make unique facial creations. The manipulation of the items on the screen was a little challenging, so it worked better for students to tell me how to move the items. The program is also available for the iPad, and that may be easier for some students. It involves mostly clicking and dragging. We started with just the food library. I like how the banana can be rotated to be happy or sad. Next time this activity can be extended to include toys, tools, school items, buttons and even letters (rotating the "C" or "D" can also make a happy or sad face).
FacesIMake.jpgRayna's fruit face.Submitted by: Deanna K. Wagner
Additional ideas/comments from others:
I really enjoyed this app and can use it again and again. It was definitely worth the price. I wish that I could resize the items, so I may upgrade to the Premium version for $1.99.
I used this app during a 1:1 home therapy session with client using a Vantage Lite communication device. Since my client has difficulty with motor control, I had her create phrases to direct me as to which stickers to get and where to place them in the scene. It worked well to encourage more description in phrases formulated. For example if the client said “put green airplane” I would prompt for more description, as there was two green airplanes. This app is also good to create opportunities to practice spatial vocabulary such as “above” or “under”. I would get the object the client wanted and move it to different places to model the choices of vocabulary and reinforce the spatial concepts. Finally, we practiced actions words. The client would direct me to do an action such as “I want her to dance.” And then I would move the object. The client enjoyed helping me move the object and seeing this instant feedback.
Submitted by: Lisa Gray
Additional ideas from others:
The ways to use this app are endless! It can be used in numerous ways to build vocabulary and language. I wish that there were more scenes than ocean, aviation, space, dolls, and safari scenes.
egg a sketch
This is a very fun app that offers a motivating activity for working on spatial and descriptive concepts, in addition to following / giving directions. The idea is to paint an egg with different colors by using your finger/fingers as the egg is rotating or is still.
The following concepts can easily be focused on: "thick, thin (the two choices for the lines), colors, on the side, stand straight up, roll, turn, left, right, the end, the middle, top, bottom," and many more! More advanced vocabulary can be focused on, such as: "rotate, vertical, horizontal, etc." Shapes can be focused on as the child draws them on the egg. Descriptive words such as "spots, stripes, wiggly lines, etc," can also be focused on. I have also used this app for giving and following directions, in both individual therapy and in small group settings. The colors are very vibrant and motivating for children (and adults!).
Submitted by: Patty Ashby
Additional Ideas from others:
This app can be used for so many purposes.
Definitely worth the free price or the $.99!
Free or $.99
In order to save the egg to your photo album, you need to buy the pro version for $.99.
Alex in Wonderland
I used this app with a teenager who uses an ECO14. She used prepositions to tell me where to look for certain items. For example, if she saw the target picture under a bench, she used her ECO14 to tell me "under the bench." In addition to learning prepositions, this activity provided multiple opportunities to learn new vocabulary using a context that was very motivating. By taking turns having each other look, the activity was very engaging and we ended up working with it for a lengthy time.Submitted by: Patty Ashby
Additional ideas from others
I really liked the digital pictures, however, the hidden pictures were sometimes too difficult to find! The app does provide the option for "a hint." The target item then wiggles and enlarges. Definitely worth the free price!

Premium for $.99
User comments for premium reported the free was just as good as the premium
Sago Mini Fairy Tales
I have used this app with children with Autism in my classroom and at their home. We would talk about where Jinga (the cat in the picture) was going and where she had been. For example:
Jinga is beside the knight.
Jinga went in the door.
Jinga was on the tree.
Jinga flew to the left.

There is no language in the app, it can be used with students who are learning English. The app is about exploration, you cannot make any mistakes or go the wrong way.

There are other apps in the series; Sago Mini Forest Flyer, Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer, and Sago Mini Space Explorer. All of these can be used in the same manner, with different themes.
Submitted by: Alison Rumball
Additional ideas from others:

This app is a go to app in my class. We use it all the time (or others in the series). My students will go to this app on their own to play with it for fun.