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Talking Tom Cat
I love this app. All students are motivated to say words or sentences and then have 'Talking Tom' immediately imitate them. In addition, short movies can be made of conversations.
I have used this with several students, but one student in particular was working on fluency--he said a sentence, the cat imitated it, and then the student determined if the sentence was spoken fluently. With the immediate visual and auditory feedback that the cat offered, the student's fluency improved! This App can be used with a wide age range starting in preschool to high school. There are other features that can be purchased (such as offering the cat some milk). "Violence" features can be turned off in the settings. I haven't used the 'movie' feature with kids, but it looks like a nice way to save what the child is working on. Application of this app can also extend to motivating ways to work on articulation skills, or any drill work with language. The cat holds children's attention and gives them more reason to speak!
Submitted by: Ruth Morgan
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I also really like Talking Ben - here's what I like about it - once you poke his newspaper, he puts it down, and you can press record to start and stop the recording - especially good when I'm trying to record a student's communication device, after they've worked really hard to say something!
Submitted by: Dr. Caroline Musselwhite
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The basic version is FREE! Definitely worth it!
The full version is .99--adds a few fun features that the kids love.
That's worth the value too!
FREEFull version
Too Noisy

Too Noisy Website
I use this app with my high school social skills group. We use it to monitor our classroom volume when participating in group work or game playing. When it gets too noisy, the background color changes and the face goes from frowning to crying. You can adjust the sensitivity as well.

Submitted by: Victoria Riggs, M.S, CCC-SLP
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I have used the free version and the students love it!
You can upgrade to "Pro" for 1.99 which allows access to more themes, and alarms.