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Sign and Sing
The sign and sing app takes simple familiar nursery rhyme/songs and pairs the sign language with them. The free version comes with only one song, Twinkle Twinkle. Each song has a video of the song sang and signed by animated babies. There is also a section to explore the apps and have a real person video tutorial of the signs in the song. There are additional songs available as an in app purchase.

I have used this app with a few children who have hearing impairments who are learning sign language as their primary language. I have also used these with numerous toddlers learning sign language to supplement their speech. Children have all be highly engaged with the babies in the videos who sign. I will continue to use it with young children.

Submitted by: Jennifer Chapman Simms, Boone NC
Additional ideas/comments from others:
The free
The app having one free song was a great way to
explore the app. I have bought several of the
additional songs. I liked them all except the set
with Wheels on the Bus. This song doesn't seem
to have the signs paired up with the singing right and doesn't do as many of the songs. zzzzz
Free for one song.

Looks like the next 9 songs is not a package for 2.99

(was .99 for 3 songs when I bought them)