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Entries into each section on this wiki will be structured so that this basic information is available. We will include the TITLE of the application, with a link to the broad description and rating on iTunes. The ICON is simply a screen shot of what will show up on the device. WHO describes the student you have used this particular app with. WHERE indicates whether the app was used at home, school, or in therapy. HOW describes the manner in which you used it. This is also the place to elaborate on other ideas for application. WHY/WHY NOT provides the contributer an opportunity to indicate the value of the app, whether they would use it again, and rationale for the opinion. We invite anyone else who has used the app to comment on anything about it... different whos, hows and whys....

This is a free app that allows you to create your own stories. You can add a picture, text, and recorded speech to each page of your storybook.

I used this app with Kindergarten children for both language and articulation purposes. For language, we took pictures of each step of the art project we made. Then I wrote text to describe the sequence of events and modeled reading. The kids then recorded their voices into the story. They loved reading each page! For articulation, we took pictures of some of the target words we were using, then read them with our "best speech". I had one little boy who was able to take a picture, type text, and record with minimal help from me.

Update as of 10/12/2013: I have also used this app with high school students for writing projects. We write about target vocabulary (e.g. PRC Grammar Book), classroom activities, and personal interests. The app does a nice job of recording the synthesized speech from my student's devices. We take pictures of the message window to use at our text.

Submitted by: Victoria Sucato Riggs, M.S. CCC-SLP
Additional ideas/comments from others: Trixie says it is so simple anybody can use it!
I think this app is a great value, and my students love using it. The one thing I don't like is the "sharing" option. To share your work, the story is sent to a "private server" and a link is emailed to the person you want to share with. I would much rather the story be saved as a file that I could add to my computer. This app also only uses recorded speech, and does not have a text to speech option.

I originally started using VoiceThread on the computer, but have now found this amazing app that I can use right from my iPhone.

I have been using VoiceThread with students grades 2-4 in a self-contained classroom for students with autism. It is the "publishing" step in the writing process. The kids can take pictures of their stories, record their voices, type text, and then publish them to the web. The final product is a talking "slideshow" of their story. We were then able to email the stories to the teacher and to their parents.

The students loved hearing and reading each others stories on their classroom Smartboard. Using VoiceThread was especially helpful for one of my students who has difficulty with low volume of voice. Since she could hear the recording right away, she was able to re-record and adjust her volume.

Submitted by: Victoria Sucato Riggs, M.S. CCC-SLP

Additional ideas/comments from others: I have enjoyed using this software on the computer and am thrilled that I can access my VoiceThreads from my iPhone and my iPad. - Deanna Wagner
I'm not sure how to make threads public/private as of yet through the app itself.

You need to create an online account to use this service, but the account is free for a short amount of time.

From Deanna: I signed up for a K12 account on my laptop through the district (no cost to me personally). Now I can access all my VoiceThreads as well as edit or create new ones on my iPhone or iPad. I found the app very user-friendly for adding/deleting pages and adding text or recorded voices for a cooking activity with the adults I work with in a Day Program.

monthly "pro" account $5.99
Explain Everything
Explain Everything is an easy-to-use design tool that lets you annotate, animate, and narrate explanations and presentations.

I have used this app a number of times with a small group of adults with developmental delays who use AAC devices at their Day Program. At first, we were just looking for a way to add recordings to our PPTs, since when we write for www.Tarheelreader.org the text determines what is read and we don't have author's voice. When we added recordings in this app, we were able to record our voices (from AAC devices and speech). We were then able to upload our story with our recordings to YouTube. It was great.
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Then I also started uploading worksheets from News-2-You (recipe and movie reviews). We were able to vote and use the markers to circle items we rated. Works just like the SmartBoard, only more portable for clients who can't reach. We were able to e-mail our recipes to friends.

Submitted by: Deanna K. Wagner
Ideas/Comments: Updates to this app have been very helpful. Since I first posted, we have used this app many times for video modeling and to rehearse word wall chants. Recently I have been using it to make a word stand out from the others. Here are video examples, using GoTalk NOW and Proloquo2Go.

I think this app is a great value. I found the slides easy to sort and the annotation tools easy to figure out. The only thing that would make it better would be for the slides to advance on swipe rather than requiring touch on a small arrow on the left side of the screen.